Representative office and Expatriate legal support

NIC Global offers the service of legal supports to newly established Rep. Office as well as Expatriates working in Vietnam. It includes consultancy, paper-preparations, administrative works and procedure of registration; legal status certifications; licensing; recruitment; service outsourcing.

  • Compliance & proper practices in establishment and operation
  • Wide and deep knowledge of local laws with network of legal offices and local authorities
  • Time-saving and local expertise’s advices and consultancy

When your firm has the Representative office establishment services, there are advantages:
•   A representative office is a cost-effective way for global companies to create a market presence in Vietnam.
•    A representative office is not liable to corporate tax in Vietnam, although its staff is liable to personal income tax.
•   There are no geographical restrictions on where a representative office can be established in Vietnam. A foreign company can open an unlimited number of representative offices in Vietnam.
•    A representative office is not a separate legal entity under Vietnamese law. However, it can sign a commercial contract on behalf of its parent.
•    A representative office license is valid for five years, and this period is renewable.
•  NIC Consultants can obtain Vietnam residence visas for expatriate staff for your representative office.
•    It helps to reduce obstacles for Rep. Office in Vietnam.