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# Job title Company Location Salary Range
1Head of IT Department (Banking/ Finance Service)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh2,500-3,200 USD
2IT Planning Senior Officer (Banking/ Financial Service)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-1,800 USD
3IT Development Officer (Banking/ Financial Service)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,200-1,500 USD
4Accounting Management (Manufacturing) – Chinese- Phuoc Thai...NIC's ClientDong Nai1,500-2,000 USD
5Sales Manager (Banking Equipment)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,500 USD
6IP Core System IntegrationNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
7Training Assistant ManagerNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
8Senior UI/UX DeveloperNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
9Senior Front-end DeveloperNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
10Head of Internal Audit (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh4,000-6,000 USD
11Software Development SpecialistNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,000 USD
12Marketing Director (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh4,000-5,000 USD
13Human Resources Business Center DirectorNIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
14Relationship Manager (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientHo Chi MinhNegotiable
15Senior Business Analyst (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientNegotiable
16IT Business Analyst Team Leader (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientNegotiable
17Head of Data Management (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientNegotiable
18Head of Business Analyst (Banking/Finance)NIC's ClientNegotiable