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# Job title Company Location Salary Range
1Outbound Sales Team LeaderNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh400-500 USD
2Online Marketing ExecutiveNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh400-600 USD
3F&B ManagerNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,000-1,500 USD
4General ManagerNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh2,000-4,000 USD
5Manager of Sales and Marketing (Hospitality) - Vietnamese...NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,000 USD
6Chef Cook(Chef De Cuisine) – WesternNIC's ClientBinh Thuan1,500-2,000 USD
7Director of Sales and Marketing (Hospitality)NIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,200-1,500 USD
8Trưởng Bộ Phận Lễ Tân(Hospitality)NIC's ClientBinh Thuan450-500 USD
9F&B ManagerNIC's ClientBinh Thuan800-1,000 USD
10General ManagerNIC's ClientBinh Thuan2,500-3,000 USD
11HR DirectorNIC's ClientHo Chi Minh1,500-2,200 USD